Podcasts are great! But sharing podcasts online and on social media is challenging. It is obviously important to share and promote all your content across channels, but this is especially hard when it comes to podcasting and other audio related media.

This is because a podcast is just an audio file and therefore has no visual elements. To make matters even worse, there are is currently not native audio sharing capabilities on popular social media websites.

Natively sharing content on social media is important to maximize the reach of your content. This is because of the major like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and IG don't like their users leaving their platform.

Instead, they want to keep their users on their platforms for as long as possible. Social networks favor engaging long-form video content. This means by turning your podcast into a video, you will likely see a lot more engagement in your podcast videos!

So in this blog post, we are going to look at how we can turn a Podcast into Video online use VEEDs online video editor.

How to turn a podcast to a video

Podcast to video - How to

In this post, we are going to look at how we can upload our podcast to VEED. Add your podcast artwork, add an audio waveform, subtitle, text and more and hopefully finish with a beautiful podcast video that we can share online. The ultimate goal here is to bring your podcast to a wider audience, so you can grow your audience using the power of social media.

1: Upload your podcast or audio file to VEED

Simply upload your audio file to VEED, You can do this from the "podcast to video" landing page or from the home page or account page.

We accept all major file formats such as mp3, ogg and m4a. There is no limit to site size and length of your podcast, but please remember that this will impact render times. Once your podcast has uploaded, you will be taken to the edit page where you can choose a basic template to start.

Upload Podcast to VEEDs Online Video Editor

The square template is for posting your podcast on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The Story template is for sharing your podcat as an Instagram story, Snapchat story, and also TikTok. And finally, the landscape (16:9) template is best suited to youtube, but will also work on facebook and twitter. Don't worry if you chose the wrong aspect ratios, you can always change the canvas size later on.

2: Audiogram Generator

As you selected a basic template, an audiogram / waveform will automatically be added to your podcast video. Simply click on the waveform and it will open up the soundwave editor tab. from the dropdown you can now select from a range of audio visualizer, animated waveform and audiograms. You can also change the color of the waveforms and also posting it and scale it as you wish.

Audiogram Generator

3: Add podcast artwork

Next click on the placeholder image, this will open up the image tab. From here I am going to replace the current placeholder image and instead, I am going to upload my podcast cover image. If you don't want to add the podcast artwork, you can just drag the placeholder into the bin.

Add podcast artwork

4: Trim & Add text to podcast video

Many social platforms have limits on the length of your videos. Therefore, I am going to just play the first 5 minutes of my podcast, like a teaser for the full episode. Finally, I am going to some text to the last 5 seconds letting the viewers know where they can find the full podcast.

Trim podcast

5: Download your podcast video

You have many more options in the editor like adding subtitles, drawing, adding watermarks and also advance audio cleaning. Once you are happy just press the pink download button in the bottom right and your podcast video will start rendering. By default, the video will be in 1080p, altho this too can be changed in the project settings tab.

Finished Podcast Video

We hope you like your podcast audio wave video! In the past, creating an animated waveform video was challenging for many and required a lot of skill. We believe podcast video can be a super powerful tool to help you reach a bigger audience and grow your podcast subscribers. We are really responsive to feedback, so please share your ideas with us via the chat or via email.