Wish you could change your video background the way you can using Instagram's green screen video effect filter? Usually, doing this means you need to buy the whole setup from the green screen backdrop to the lighting.

But we're excited because now you can achieve the green screen video effect without spending a dime on new gear.

It's the perfect solution for beginners. Similarly to the way Instagram stories green screen filter works, our free green screen effect will do its best to erase your background so you can replace it with a color or image of your choice!

How to Use the Free Green Screen Effect

Go to www.veed.io/webcam-recorder

VEED.IO's webcam recording tool and layout options displayed inside of a MacBook Air

We suggest saving this link as a bookmark so you can easily access the green screen video effect or any of our webcam recorder features whenever you want.

Select "background swap" from the layout options

VEED.IO's background swap (green screen) displayed inside of a MacBook Air

Connect your microphone and webcam

Prompt to allow webcam and microphone access inside of VEED.IO's webcam recording tool displayed inside of a macbook air

Follow the prompts that appear to connect your desired microphone and camera.

Option A: Select a color

Color palette selection of VEED.IO's webcam recorder displayed inside of MacBook Air

To select a color, simply tap on one of the existing option in our color palette. If you'd like to import a brand color as your green screen video effect, simply paste the HEX code that looks something like this #ffffff. If you don't know your brand color's HEX code, go to a site like Image Color Picker to upload a screenshot of your colors and click on the color to get the code.

Option B: Drag to upload an image

Drag and drop background image feature of VEED.IO's webcam recorder displayed inside of MacBook Air.

If you prefer to use an image as a backdrop, simply click on "upload image" next to the color picker option. Then you can drag and drop the image you want to use for your backdrop.

Click record

Video recording about to begin displaying a 3-second timer on the screen of a macbook air

Do your thing and say what you want to say. If you need a quick tip, I suggest using a loose script. This can be as simple as a sticky note with a couple bullet points letting you know the topics you want to touch on so your video is structured yet still feels like a natural conversation with your viewer.

Chose one of the three next steps: re-record, share, or edit

End screen of the webcam recording tool using the green screen effect prompting users to chose to re-record, share, or edit

Once done, you have three options.

  1. Re-record your video if you didn't like the outcome
  2. Share it with someone
  3. Edit the video directly inside of VEED

Ways You Can Use the Free Green Screen Effect

Maybe you don't like the way the room you usually record in looks. Or maybe you have been itching to find an easy and affordable way to make your videos look more professional.

So here are some ideas for you on how you can utilize green screen video for yourself. But - of course - we encourage you to invent and try your own ideas too!

Brand Color Background Color

This is the most simple route to create a video that is visually on-brand. All you need are the HEX codes for your brand colors and paste one into the color picker section.

Logo as a Background Image

Using a tool like Canva you can design a graphic repeating your logo in the backdrop.

Image for Visual Reference as a BackgroundUseful for when you're talking about or teaching something that requires a visual reference. For example, maybe you're showing someone a screenshot of where to click on your website to perform a certain action and pointing to it.

If you want to save time and make it easy to make video content, try VEED's easy-to-use video editor. This way you can record with the webcam recorder (or import your own video) and edit with a single tool!