Want to split a video into different parts? I get it. Sometimes, a video might be too long, and you want to cut it in different parts to make it easier to follow. Other times, you might want to add in other clips or a transition to make it more engaging.

Whatever your reasons may be, splitting videos in parts shouldn’t be so darn difficult. So here’s an easy way to do this with VEED’s video splitter tool inside our online video editor.

In this blog post, you’ll discover:

  • The easiest way to split a video into parts
  • Some ideas on clips to add between your video parts

With VEED, Splitting a Video Into Parts Has Never Been Easier. Here’s How.

Step 1: Upload your project

upload video online
Start a new project and upload your video. Name your project to give it a sense of purpose and ownership.

Step 2: Drag the playhead

On the video timeline, drag the playhead (the vertical black line) to when you want to split the video into parts. The timestamp above the timeline shows the position of the playhead in the video.

video timeline playhead

Step 3: Split the video into two parts

Click the “Split” button, which is on the top left corner of the timeline. Just like magic, you’ve just split your video into two different parts! It’s as simple as that.

online video splitter
In the timeline, click and drag the pink handle on either end to trim and edit your video!

Step 4 (optional): Split the video into more parts

You can do the whole process again and split the video into more parts!

If you want to edit and trim a part of the video, just double-click on it, and the pink handles should show up. Proceed to edit and trim (if you want).

Once done, place your playhead to where you want to split. Right-click on your mouse and click “Split” on the popup menu. As easy as pie.

Shortcut tip: After selecting a part, hit “S” on your keyboard to split it into two!

split video online

Step 5 (optional): Merge the parts together

All right, after you edit or trim the video parts, an empty gap appears in the timeline. This shows up as an eerie black screen when you watch the video. You don’t want that in your finished content.

To fix this, drag the video parts so that they are next to each other. When you watch the project, the edited parts will play right after the other.

merge video online

Step 6 (optional): Delete parts

Select the part you want to delete. Then, Right-click on your mouse or trackpad and hit “Delete”.

Shortcut tip: Right-click on your mouse and click on the backspace key on your keyboard.

If you want to undo the delete, click the “undo” button, which is the curved left arrow on the top-right side of the screen.

delete video

Step 7 (optional): Add different clips

You can also add new clips in the empty timeline spaces! Left of the timeline, click the “+” sign to upload your new clip.

merge video

This is my favorite part when it comes to splitting and editing my videos on VEED. Here are some things that you can add:

  • Topic cards on your long videos to make them more engaging. If you’re a social media or YouTube content creator who does long videos, you can now add topic cards and other sorts of transitions at different points to show the change of topics.

    How can this make your video more engaging? Well, put simply, it makes your content easier to follow.
  • Interview question cards. This is for the more introverted interviewers who don’t like being on camera. You can create question cards and add them before each question in the interview video.
  • Other types of video transitions. Perhaps your spliced parts deserve more than a fade in/fade out. You may want to add a cheeky meme to punctuate the moment. Or you might want to reference other relevant videos to make your idea more compelling.
  • Other sorts of intertitles. In the silent film era, intertitles were text-based commentary cards introduced at various points.

    I’m a huge fan of silent films like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis and Buster Keaton’s The General, so I always get amused when intertitles are used in other types of videos.

    When used effectively, this can bring a dash of creativity and humorous kitschiness to your videos.

Step 8: Download the video

You’ve finished editing the video, added subtitles, and made sure that it looks right for social media. Finished? Click “Download” to get your HD video.

Splitting Video Parts Is That Easy

Realize how easy that was? Using VEED, splitting a video into parts will come intuitively to you after your first use.

Already using this feature? Let us know on social media the wonderfully creative ways that you’ve split a video into different parts and added all sorts of clips and transitions. We’d love to see how our easy-to-use video editing tool is helping you create your videos.