Want an easy-to-use, yet powerful, MP4 editor? At VEED, we know how important it is to have handy video editing tools at your disposal. Video content is more important now than ever before, and having the right MP4 editing tool can make all the difference.

If you’re on the hunt for a way to edit MP4 files quickly and easily online, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll be diving into the topic of editing MP4 files in more depth. We’ll be taking a look at:

  • Trimming and splitting videos
  • How to add in subtitles
  • Add audio
  • Adding text to your videos
  • Changing the aspect ratio
  • Adding in a watermark or logo
  • Audiograms and the chroma key
  • Repurposing video content

Very easy learning curve. Let’s go!

How To Edit MP4 Files Online

To help you make the most out of all the tools that VEED has to offer, we’ve gathered the most important steps to follow when looking to edit MP4 video files online here. These will work for both personal projects, for basic video editing, and for commercial video content creation.

There are two main sections in the editor with all the MP4 video editing tools: the left toolbar and the Timeline panel at the bottom.

1) Upload your MP4 file to VEED

To start off with, upload your MP4 video file directly to VEED’s MP4 video editing platform. Hit the upload video button and begin the editing process. VEED accepts uploads from local files and your camera, YouTube video links and Dropbox, too, in any video file formats too, including GIFs.

Note: Sign up for free to save your projects to work on at a later date. Signing up for VEED online means you can save projects, and work on them at any point in the future.

2) How to trim and split videos

Once you’ve uploaded an MP4 video file - or multiple files, if need be - they will appear in the Timeline at the bottom of the screen.

If they’re longer than desired, you can user the online video trimmer by dragging the ends of the video content bar.

To split the video into parts, put the playhead at the moment you want to split the video into two video clips, do a right click, and choose Split (or press S on your keyboard).

3) How to add in subtitles

In the left toolbar, go to Subtitles.

Adding in subtitles can be a great way to make an MP4 project stand out and work more efficiently in regards to accessibility.

There are three key types of subtitles that VEED can help out with: automatic subtitles, manual subtitles and subtitles from a file. Each option requires very few clicks to do.

Once you’ve activated the subtitles, you can then edit them through our subtitle editor.

4) Add audio to video

In the Upload section in the left toolbar, you can upload external tracks in different audio formats to add to your video clips. You can extract audio from video by clicking on the video and lowering the original audio volume.

5) Adding text to your MP4 files

If you’re looking to add text into your MP4 video project, there is a built in text editor in VEED. It’s easy to locate, and contains a number of helpful options that will lend a hand in making your video project fully unique.

In the text editor, you can find various options for sizing, fonts and alignments. You can also adjust a number of different elements, like style or line spacing.

6) How to change the video's aspect ratio

If you need to adjust the aspect ratio while editing MP4 video files for your project, you can find the tools to do so in the project settings tab. In the size drop-down menu, there are multiple aspect ratios that you can pick from.

For corporate projects, it’s always good to have a logo in place, and personal projects can benefit from adding in watermarks, too. This lets people find your brand after viewing your videos.

VEED offers a number of ways to add in features like this- most notably the text feature, as covered above. The image upload tool can be incredibly helpful here, too.

If you have a PNG of your logo that you want to paste onto your video project, for example, you can add it in as an image and resize it wherever needed here.

8) Add an audiogram, a progress bar, or some video stickers!

In the left toolbar, go to Elements. There, you’ll have many audiograms, progress bars and emojis to choose from. Here’s how they can be useful:

  • Audiograms can turn your podcasts into video projects to share on social media. You can even add subtitles afterward using VEED’s subtitles tool.
  • Progress bars allow you to specify how long a video section is going to be.
  • Emojis are just plain fun.

9) What you need to know about chroma key

Being able to remove the background of a video project can be incredibly helpful, and our chroma key tool makes doing this a breeze.

To use it:

  • Upload your MP4 video file to VEED’s MP4 editor
  • Click on the video content
  • Switch on the chroma key tool,

Use the pipette tool to take out the background of your video. You can then use the image tool to add in your desired background here.

How To Repurpose Videos For Other Channels

Finally, it’s worth considering how to repurpose your content for other channels for MP4 video editing with VEED’s MP4 editor.

As many of you reading this will know, video content takes considered effort and planning- so being able to reuse it and repurpose it is incredibly helpful, especially if you’re looking at this from a marketing perspective.

The best ways that you can repurpose your video content include;

  • Adjusting aspect ratios to make videos suitable for other platforms
  • Cutting longer videos into shorter ones to share on social media
  • Embedding videos into relevant blog posts
  • Turning videos into blog posts or podcast episodes
  • Using videos for sales outreach

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. These are simply some great ways to start repurposing your work and making the most out of your efforts. VEED’s simple video editor lets you all these repurposing tasks.

Make VEED Your Simple, Yet Powerful, MP4 Editor

Overall, editing video clips can seem time consuming or confusing. But with a simple video editor at your disposal, it can be a smooth procedure.

Whether you’re looking to edit MP4 video files for work or personal use, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind when editing your work and to have an intuitive online video editing software like VEED.

With a basic understanding of video editing from these simple steps, VEED’s simple MP4 editor lets you use its online video trimmer, merge videos and split videos, add text to video, add external audio files to video and more.

Whether it’s professional video editing or basic video editing, VEED’s powerful video editor lets you fix your MP4 recordings super quickly with its simple interface.

Are you looking for more video editing tutorials? Want to find out more about what VEED could do for you? Try it out today yourself.