Want to combine YouTube videos in second? Whether this is creating a compilation video or a reaction video or so on, you need a tool to help you combine YouTube videos in seconds and super easily.

In this guide, we’ll be going over a number of ways to merge videos using VEED's intuitive video editor, and enhance video content, too. We’ll teach you how to;

  • Merge videos for YouTube using a simple video joiner online
  • Crop and trim video content
  • Add extra video features
  • Download videos from VEED

We hope you enjoy this guide.

How To Combine YouTube Videos Easily Online

Learning how to merge YouTube videos is a breeze if you have a handy video tool at your disposal. Here are the 5 steps to learn how to merge YouTube videos using VEED;

Step 1: Upload your YouTube video files to VEED

Note: To save this project and start new ones, sign up to VEED for free.

Go to VEED and upload video files.

Just enter the YouTube link in the Upload Video page:

VEED is also compatible with video file uploads from local files and your camera and Dropbox.

Step 2: Add other YouTube video clips

In the Timeline, click Add video in the top-left corner to upload the video clips you want to combine. You can also merge videos that aren't from YouTube (e.g. local videos), of course, for your reactions clips and whatnot.

Note: Right now, you can't upload YouTube videos through the Timeline as a URL. But you can upload YouTube clips saved and stored in your computer.

Step 3: Download

Hit Export. The video will render, and then it will be available either as an MP4 video or as a GIF output format.

Read the next section if you want to learn how to edit your combined YouTube video clip.

Are you looking for other people to download your creations? If so, you can share the download link and encourage people to do so directly. This is an especially handy feature for people working on collaborative projects.

Step 4: Upload to YouTube

And you’re done. You've just managed to merge YouTube videos with VEED's video combiner.

How To Crop, Trim, Add Subtitles, And Do Other Video Editing Stuff To Your YouTube Video With VEED

Now that you’ve learned how to merge YouTube videos and use a video joiner online, it’s time to edit and zhuzh them up!

If you’re working on a big project, it’s likely that there will be other features and elements that you want to add in when you’re combining YouTube videos.

Luckily, VEED has a number of great online tools and additional pieces to help you make the most out of your video content.

1) Crop your videos where needed

This is important when you want to merge videos that have different aspect sizes. In the left toolbar, go to Settings and select Size.

Remember that different channels have different aspect ratios. VEED has some of the aspect ratios specified for the channel. For example:

  • YouTube: 16:9
  • Stories: 9:16
  • TikTok: 9:16
  • Pinterest: 2:3

2) Trim down any extra bits in your video

Combining YouTube videos often leads to the need for trimming down content. The Timeline at the bottom of the screen is the best place to cut down clips and edit them smoothly.

3) Add subtitles to get more viewers

In the left toolbar, go to Subtitles.

Adding subtitles does not just benefit deaf and hard of hearing people. More people are watching videos on mute too, from mom nursing their babies to sleep to browsing social media content in meetings. Capture their attention to widen your audience scope!

4) Put in helpful text to video

In the left toolbar, go to Text.

Whether you add in titles, extra features or even Easter eggs, text can help to keep the viewer's attention fixed on your content.

You can do this by either uploading the watermark as an image or adding it as a text.

A watermark helps to reinforce your brand in viewers minds, and to prevent any content theft taking place, too. It also means that reposts can work well on social media platforms, too.

6) Implement a progress bar

In the left toolbar, go to Elements.

Progress bars can be wonderfully helpful for keeping viewers engaged, and to help them understand how long a section will be. If you’re editing with VEED, this is something that you can do through our editor.

7) Draw on your video

In the left toolbar, go to Draw.

Adding drawings to a video is a great way to add a touch of personality and whimsy to your work.

If you’re editing through VEED, you can draw directly on your work with a number of brush strokes and styles. This works especially well for social media content.

Get Creative with VEED

Overall, combining YouTube videos online is simple if you have a great editing tool at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to hone your next social media project, combine your favourite YouTube clips or polish up a class project, it could be worth your time to look into an easy-to-use video editing platform today.

VEED has a number of online tools and great editing features to help out with, including adding text to video, adding subtitles automatically, video filters and effects and so on, which make your content more engaging. You can even turn your podcasts into YouTube videos by adding audiograms. It's not just an easy-to-use video merger!

Above all else, the key to making the most out of video content is the willingness to try new things. Video content is always developing and evolving, and viewers are always on the lookout for new things.