Being able to combine Instagram videos is a great way to the most of your video content.

To give you a hand with your editing process, at VEED, we’ve picked out our top tips to combine videos for Instagram Stories, Reels, Feed and whatnot. We’ll cover;

  • 4 ways to combine Instagram videos online
  • How to merge videos with VEED
  • How to hone your Instagram content

We hope that you enjoy this guide!

4 ways to combine videos on Instagram online

Video content is hugely popular on Instagram, and it’s great to have a few tricks up your sleeve to mix up your content plan. Here are 4 great ways to combine Instagram videos and maximize your content output.

Step 1: Upload multiple clips to your story

Aspect ratio: 9:16

To upload multiple clips in your Stories with your phone:

  • Head to your home page
  • Click the Camera button in the top-left corner
  • Tap the bottom left button to access your camera roll
  • Upload your clips from there.

Stories on Instagram offer up engaging, ephemeral content that’s great for hooking the attention of distracted viewers.

Alternatively, you can record continuously directly from the camera. Instagram will automatically post it as multiple story posts.

Step 2: Create a Reel with your existing content

Aspect ratio: 9:16

To create a Reel with your phone:

  • Click the Camera button
  • Press the Reels option
  • Tap the bottom left button to access your camera roll
  • Tap the bottom left button to add more clips
  • Pick out your clips and use the additional features to trim, pick filters, music and effects.

Short form video content is all the rage right now, and the Reel community on Instagram is beginning to rival the TikTok community. It’s wonderful for creatives and small businesses looking to show their personality on the platform.

Step 3: Post them to your feed with the carousel option

Aspect ratio: 4:5 (Rectangle and recommended); 1:1 (Square)

The carousel post tool is arguably one of the most under-utilized tools on this platform. It’s a simple tool that allows creators to upload multiple pieces in one post to their main feed.

To use the carousel feature, head to the central + button as if you’re uploading a standard post.

Tap and hold on the first piece of content you wish to upload, then tap on the rest of them when the blue numbers pop up. You can post 10 pieces in one carousel at once.

At VEED, we don’t really recommend this, as Carousel videos can be pretty bad for engagement and not look professional.

Step 4: Use an online video editing tool

If you’re looking for another way to combine Instagram videos online easily, you could always opt for an online video editing tool like VEED.

This would be ideal if you’re looking to create a short, singular piece of content or polish up any final details on your project.

4 Steps To Combine Instagram Videos Easily Online

Now that we’ve seen how to manually combine Instagram videos, let’s take a quick look at how to easily merge videos with our online video editing software.

Step 1: Upload your high-quality videos to VEED

To upload your Instagram video files, tap the ‘upload video’ button on the home page and select your video source.

The VEED video editor accepts uploads from local files and your camera, YouTube video links and Dropbox, too.

Step 2: Add more videos

In the top-left corner of the Timeline, click Add Video to add the other video clips you want to combine.

Once you have uploaded multiple Instagram video clips, they will appear chronologically in the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Trim down your videos where needed

To fit your Instagram videos together, you can crop videos or trim them where necessary.

To trim your content, you can cut down the Instagram video clips in the timeline at the bottom of the screen by dragging and dropping them.

Step 4: Crop down your videos for the right channel

Go to the left toolbar and select overview, then pick from the aspect ratios on offer. Selecting one of these will help you to crop videos down to the right  size.

Different sizes work best for different kinds of content. The 4:5 ratio works seamlessly for Instagram feed content, for example. Vertical videos work best for Stories and Reels.

Step 5: Download your creation

After you’ve combined your Instagram videos and polished them up, you can export video and download your creation to share it with the world.

Press the export button to download your video, and it will begin to render. You can download your Instagram content as an MP4 video or as a GIF. Then, you can post them on Instagram as a combine video!

Ways To Hone Your Instagram Video Content

To stay on top of your video content, it’s important to keep trying out new things. Instagram is a fast moving platform, and there are a number of ways that you can give your content an extra edge. Our top tips include these.

1) Be mindful of your analytics.

Analytics may not be the most exciting part of social media marketing, but they can help you to break down exactly what kinds of Instagram videos your customers enjoy. Check out online tools like Later to identify the best posting times to get engagement.

2) Add subtitles to all your videos.

Subtitles improve the accessibility of your videos, and they can also help to grab the attention of customers scrolling through their feeds. Most people will have their videos on mute, so subtitles help to catch people’s eyes.

3) Don’t be afraid to trim down content.

Trimming down your existing content from platforms like YouTube or Twitch can be brilliant for adding some extra variety into your content strategy.

4) Work on providing genuine value.

This is especially relevant for creating Instagram Reels. Providing your audience with something they can actually use and engage with - like a guide or tutorial - is a great way to make an impact with them.

The algorithm on Instagram can be hard to pick up on, but with some experimentation and creativity, Instagram content is worth it in the long run.

Combine Videos with VEED's Online Video Merger

Instagram has been continuously growing in popularity in recent years, and it is home to some of the brightest content creators in the game. With VEED's online video merger, combining Instagram videos is a great way to make your content more exciting and to repurpose work from other platforms.

But of course, VEED is a simple, yet powerful, online tool for video editing and offers so many editing features for ally types of video content creators. Add text to video, add video filters and special effects, add accurate, automatic subtitles and more.

Looking to learn more about video editing? If so, head to our blog or social media pages to see more of our content- they’re packed full of useful pieces.