Say goodbye to using multiple apps to edit a single video. Whether you want to remove your dog’s annoying barking in the background or mute a video to add music over it, here’s how to remove audio from video with VEED’s online video editor.

But First, Why Would You Need an Audio Remover Tool?

There are the main reasons you can probably think of. The sound of a dog barking, baby crying, landscapers mowing your lawn, or a loud plane flying over head can be distracting for anyone viewing your video. So, naturally, you’d need a tool to remove audio from your video.

With the rise of platforms like TikTok, removing audio from your video has risen in popularity. Content where you mute your video and replace it with a voice over is at the core of thousands of viral videos. You can even add music to video in addition to the voiceover.

But this is not exclusive to TikTok. Maybe you’ve just gone on a trip. You have tons of footage. But the sound of the wind completely ruined your audio. Your best bet to use the footage is to remove audio from your video, replace it with music, and add voice over audio to it if you want to further customize it.

Alright, now let’s get started!

1. Upload Video You Want to Remove Audio From

Go to VEED.IO and upload the video you want to remove audio from.

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2. Go To The Project Tab To Remove Audio From Video

Click on the project tab in the left-hand side. You’ll then be able to lower the volume to completely remove audio from your video.

Click on the project tab and lower the volume all the way down to mute your video

3. Customize Your Video

Do more than just mute video online. You can customize your video by adding subtitles, progress bars, music, text, filters and so much more.

Explore VEED to add subtitles to video and so much more!

4. Download Your Video

Make sure to hit the play button to double check you’ve successfully muted your video and that it all looks good. Then, click download in the upper right-hand corner to download your video.

Click download in the right hand corner

And that’s it! We keep it super simple because you’ve got things to do and being overwhelmed by a clunky video editor is not one of them. You can also do so much more than just remove audio from video. Want to create videos like Gary Vee? We’ve got you covered. Want to make video pins for Pinterest? We’ve got that too. Want to convert a video from YouTube to Instagram? Yup, that too! Start your first video project today with VEED’s online video editor. No account or credit card required.