Patrice Lhoni manages @f1interviews, an account interviewing F1 drivers. In January, Patrice began using VEED's online video editor to edit account videos and went from 7,710 views to over 129,000 views and higher overall engagement. Today we're going over how to get more views on Instagram video like Patrice.

In only 440 words you’ll learn

  • Challenges Patrice faced before skyrocketing his views
  • How long he has been using VEED
  • Why VEED is Patrices tool of choice
  • 3 reasons Patrice's Instagram video views went up from using VEED

“What Kind of Challenges Did You Face Before with Video Content?”

I always wanted to subtitle the drivers interviews but I found it very long

“How Long Have You Been Using VEED?”

I’ve been using VEED for almost 5 months since finding them in a Google search.

“Can You Share Some Results You’ve Gotten Since Using VEED”

A lot of my videos had their reach increased with more likes and views.

“What’s Your Favorite Tool Inside VEED?”

The subtitles of course!

“Why is VEED Your Tool of Choice”

Simply because thanks to VEED I save a lot of time!

3 Reasons VEED Helped Get More Video Views on Instagram for @f1interviews

To be 100% transparent, success doesn't come down to just the tool you use. It's a combination of factors aligning. In Patrice's case, he already had a strongly defined niche (F1 enthusiasts) and great content in his funnel but was missing the right tool to elevate his video content.

  • Subtitles make videos accessible to anyone with sound off or hard of hearing. 37% of people even report it makes a video more interesting so they turn the sound on.
  • Social media is visual. The better your content visuals are, the better your chances of grabbing and retaining attention are.
  • Easy to use. You don’t waste time figuring out how to use the tool to make professional-looking videos and can dive right into making more content for more engagement opportunities!

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